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"sometimes activation preceeds motivation"

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Posted 21/5/2018


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It's Open

Posted 30/3/2016

On a very hot March day (youve guessed already I wasnt at home in Ireland!) I was in Uganda with a scissors in my hand and all that stood between me and the childrens hospital I was about to open was a narrow white ribbon.

However just before I cut it to declare the hospital open my mind did an amazing nano second recap on what it took to get here. Begining with my wife and life long buddy Jean and me traveling to Uganda, To her losing her heart of love to the children of that beautiful country, To her vision that we should build a hospital where kids could receive life changing treatment. To her sudden death one week later. To our devasation as a family. To our unbelievaable sense of loss. To the thought lets build that hospital in her memory. To convincing easily convinced friends that this is what we should do. To countless fundraisers and incredible generosity. To massive comedy nights in the Olympia theatre. To book writings and launches and sell outs.To quiz nights, fun nights, dance nights, bake days , cake days staying awake days. To finding a site. To finding the right man in Uganda to throw our lot in with. To workin with planners and engineers . To monitoring costs . To praying for grace. To feeling sad. To feeling elated. To digging the first foundation, Seeing the first bricks go up. Seeing walls rise and rooftops being placed. To widows being fitted. Walls plastered keys turned all ready. Ribbon attached scissors in hand. And then I simply said "for the magnificent Jean. The Jean Carley Memorial Hospital is now open!!

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Locked out!

Posted 1/7/2015

So for a few months now i've been trying to get in here to write something but you know when you have a few passwords and a few versions of passwords and somehow they all get mixed up!! Yip i was locked out by my own security.

So between one thing and another time marches on and then it slips down your priority list and then suddenly it's a case of where do you start.

So over the past few days I've been searching through mails and notes and retracing my steps and yessssss i've cracked it I'm back in . So apologies to those who came on here and thought I'd disappeared . Hopefully you managed to stay in touch through facebook .

So heres a thing there may be great plans or dreams or goals that over time you have drifted away from. Maybe a barrier of some sort fell across your path and you couldnt find a way around it. Why not revisit it. Dust it off. Give it another shot. To everything there is a season. Have a great day.

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Greater Things are yet to come!

Posted 24/9/2014

I love living life in the belief that the best is yet to come. Now that is not to say that I am dissatisfied with my present state its just that I have a heart of adventure. Im not a half full or half empty glass person Im a lets see what other glasses are there for checking out. I love the concept of exploring the road less travelled who knows what adventures await those who dare to dream and even more for those who dare to act.

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World Cup Fever

Posted 10/6/2014

So the World Cup is about to kick off in Brazil. In offices across the world draws are being held to see who gets what team in the office sweep. Of course as always there are favourites and there will be teams who will surprise and team who will disappoint. But before the first whistle all have qualified all have earned the right to be there. All are equal. Who knows what the next month may bring. Individual heroes will be born, villains will be created. The great game of chance will play a part but now even just for a moment anything is possible. So thats how I choose to live life. All things are possible if I just believe!

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New Family

Posted 26/5/2014

So my daughter got married. Congrats to Debs and her hubby Daniel. What a fantastic day celebrating and catching up with friends and family. I have to say as emotional challenges go this was always going to be a toughy! I guess any Dad that has ever walked his daughter up the aisle will know of the torrent of mixed emotions that dances around our minds. Add to that Debs Mam missing the event due to her being in Heaven preparing the place for the big party! So to get through the day I decided to indulge in the creation of an album of selfies. So i took pics of debs from the start of the day right to the end the key being that I was in them all !! So each and every time an emotional moment was approaching I altered the mood by simply saying selfie time! Yet again I was amazed to see the power of purposeful thoughts and actions. Now i have the most incredible album of pics from my daughters big day and I made it through without a meltdown (well perhaps the odd thaw!!)

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100 Wellness Workshops

Posted 2/4/2014

April 1st saw the delivery of the 100th SOS wellness workshop . What an absolute honour to be part of the design and delivery team. To all who helped make this achievement possible let's take a collective curtain call. And here's to the next 100. For details of a wellness workshop in your area check out

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